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Shenzhen bewrui Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading enterprise in the field of road safety with the integrated development and application of solar energy and LED technology. Mainly engaged in solar lights, solar spike warning lights, solar traffic signs, solar traffic lights, solar lights, solar buried lights, solar garden lights, solar landscape lamp R & D, production and sales in one of the practice and comprehensive application, road safety, low carbon life of solar energy and new energy concept". The company has formed a "systematic solution" leading to the industry, providing customers with one-stop 360 sunshine service.

The popularity rate of the use of solar landscape lamps in Chengdu, Sichuan

The fast development of the economy brings convenience to people's life, as is the night in the city now.

Sichuan solar landscape lamp

But it also benefits from the use of energy saving and brightness, which is suitable for the requirement of solar courtyard lights. The installation of solar courtyard lights is just in every public place, lighting every street of people's travel, providing people with light and people's travel safety.

Solar garden lights can be widely used, because it is energy saving and environmental protection, can save electricity costs, or add environmental pollution, but also because of the solar l garden lamp price is very affordable, simple and convenient installation can be a lot of energy saving installation cost for it, and it does not need to set up wire, the solar LED garden lamp maintenance training is simple a lot, save a lot of trouble.

Sichuan solar landscape lamp

And the reason is that the solar garden lights design, its design style with beautiful fashion, there are Chinese classical style, but also has a European retro style, meet people in different design style, people in the enjoyment of solar garden lights bring light, also hope that its shape can the unique.

More "natural light" solar lights will light Africa

Using the entrepreneurial distribution model, the "natural light" project will now donate second batches of solar lights, and the number will reach 20000. These solar lights will be sold by new sales agents in the grid free coverage area of Zambia, Zimbabwe and Sierra Leone. Besides, this project will also cover Malawi for the first time.

Besides providing a sustainable light source for the no grid coverage area, the project of "natural light" is also aimed at creating a business mode for supporting local sales agents to make a living. This has been a great success. Today, over three African countries in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Sierra Leone, more than 50 sales agents own their own "natural light" solar energy business.

"Natural light" project by the VELUX group and social enterprise Little Sun and non-governmental organization (NGO) International Culture young (Plan International) will carry out cooperation, to celebrate the birth of Weilukesi group 75th anniversary. After hosting the international design competition in the last year and received 172 pieces of works from around the world to submit the winning design was selected, 14500 Taiwan solar lamp sales - a figure in Africa just corresponds to the number of employees Weilukesi group and its sister company.

The artist, Little Sun founder Eliasson horlaville (Olafur Eliasson) said: "the 'natural light' solar lamp can not only for Africa without grid coverage area to provide energy, but also provide their own bear the burden of life for people. By providing sustainable, reliable and affordable lighting, we can give people more independence. Now they can work safely, learn and cook in the dark.

In addition to light, the "natural light" solar lamp can also help to improve air quality by reducing the toxic and emission of kerosene lamps that contain carbon wastes, and using the renewable energy of the sun.

Rasmussen Weilukesi group brand senior vice president Michael (Michael K. Rasmussen) said: "as a company based on the light and fresh air on the knowledge of the company, to carry out the" natural light "project is a good way to celebrate the birth of our group of 75th anniversary, and can make a better living environment to us general market outside. In addition to providing light after sunset to support reading / cooking and replacing the odorless kerosene lamp, the natural light project can help train ambitious young entrepreneurs, who now have their own businesses.

He said: "we have to continue this project will be extended to Malawi, and before that, the" natural light "projects in other African countries have a very positive effect from Zambia and Malawi's new team members have the project participants to share their stories, we are very pleased to be able to make these new entrants" natural light "big family."

More "natural light" solar lights are preparing for distribution. Mawlawi's many local sales agents will receive training on how to sell these solar lights in the coming months through a series of seminars, role playing, demonstration and group activities.

Solar street lights on new life

In November 5th, the reporter in the urban and rural immigrant village of Yanjin County Yang Zuo village to see, the installation of solar street lighting project site a busy, the workers are on the fixed pole. "Street lamps light up, we no longer have a flashlight went black, with courage is also larger out at night!" Talking about the newly installed solar street lights, Hou Linbin, a villager in Yangshan village, has a happy smile on his face.

At 8 o'clock in the evening, Yang village 10 double lamp high-power solar landscape lamp finally light up the Yang Shan Cun magnificent, in the night in the village have a unique style, everyone stood laughing in the bright light.

It is understood that these solar street lamps are installed free of charge by the Henan light source solar technology Co., Ltd. Xie Shaojie, chairman of Henan light source solar energy technology Co., Ltd., said: "these streetlights are converting solar thermal energy into electrical energy through photovoltaic panels, and saving extra electricity into the battery, even if it's rainy for a week." In urban and rural areas of Yanjin county Party Secretary Yang Xijun said that after the installation of solar street lamps, will save a lot of electricity every year, to enhance people's happiness index has become a beautiful scenery line.

In 2012, when Yang Shan village moved from Yang Jiashan village in the old town of Xichuan, no street lights were installed in the village. It was dark everywhere in the evening, especially in winter. The security problem has been the most anxious thing for the villagers, and the village branch and the director of the village committee, Hou Tiemin, is in his eyes.

In August this year, Hou Tiemin with the Yanjin county Party Secretary Yang Xijun to Pingdingshan urban and rural areas of new energy production projects, visit the Henan light source of Solar Technology Co. Ltd. high-tech solar photovoltaic production line. They were shocked by the green solar photovoltaic products produced by the company, and decided to introduce the company into Yanjin by attracting investment.

Henan light source solar technology Co., Ltd is a solar photovoltaic research and development, production and sales of high-tech enterprises, and Beijing branch, Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly developed intelligent solar street lamp control system, indoor and outdoor LED cooling technology, solar power generation focusing multiplier core technology application of patented products. It owns 67 high-tech professional R & D team and national patent. It has become the first enterprise in Pingdingshan to guarantee loan in Chinese bank through intellectual property pledge. The company LED bulb gain patent technology innovation fund in 2012, won the national Ministry of science and technology China quality products of green lighting fixed-point production enterprise and Chinese green lighting AAAA credit enterprises, in October 2012 by the Henan provincial government awarded the "top ten Henan province science and technology most of the growth of enterprises".

Through several contacts, Xie Shaojie was moved by Hou Tiemin and Yanjin county leaders enthusiasm, agreed to build a production base in Yanjin County, to Yang Shan village as a model, so that the province's more than 200 immigrant villages of the company with the green solar energy products, so that every immigrant households installed low solar power generation device carbon transfer, green environmental protection for people's life philosophy.

Solar street lights bring "Hope" to Beijing's rainstorm night

Recently, Beijing has been caught in a torrential rain. I believe that many people know about this. This rainstorm brought heavy losses to Beijing, and made it unable to supply the public with normal work. But solar street lighting manufacturers have brought "Hope" to Beijing and become the only lighting source after the rainstorm.

When it comes to photovoltaic power generation, people often think of a massive solar cell matrix. In fact, in the solar power generation system, the independent power generation application system is becoming more and more in the people's life. The solar road lamp system, which has played an important role in Beijing, is totally independent of the urban power grid. With the solar cell module, the light energy is directly converted into electric energy, and the excess electricity is stored in the battery and released again in cloudy days.

Such an independent system, such as solar road lights, is more widely used in areas with no electricity, less electricity or voltage instability. Household solar power generation system can provide electricity for the herdsmen in remote areas; drip irrigation water pump driven by DC photovoltaic power generation, to solve the problem of drought irrigation less electricity area; communication base station tunnel, mountains and other special area, earthquake monitoring, marine information extraction equipment, can see the independent photovoltaic power generation system figure. At present, there are dozens of applications of photovoltaic independent power generation system.

When special weather and natural disasters come, the unique advantages of this kind of photovoltaic power are revealed. Because each part is relatively closed, and in the production of most tested anti strong wind, rainstorm, earthquake, snow and other extreme weather, in the face of disaster, standalone photovoltaic products are often able to survive, when the traditional power system can not supply power, the solar power generation equipment can quickly restore power, become life-saving energy.

Because the power generation system has the characteristics of use and move at random, it is gradually popularized in disaster emergency treatment. In Wenchuan, Yushu and other earthquake disasters, they are photovoltaic independent power generation systems, bringing light sources to the disaster area, enabling mobile phones to resume communication and restore computers to work.

It is foreseeable that the future application of solar independent power generation system will be more and more extensive. However, as far as the current technology development level is concerned, there are also short boards in this system. For a simple example, the current solar road lights are mainly used for 6 to 8 meters wide on the road, and are rarely used in the main road. According to the national road lighting standard, the power of the road lamp that provides the light source for the main road is at least hundreds of watts to the kilowatt. At present, it is limited by manufacturing technology of photovoltaic modules. If such power is achieved, it is not safe nor beautiful to install large panels on road lights.

Because of the energy storage device, the cost of the system is relatively high, the power generation is relatively small, and the energy density is low. According to this characteristic, experts believe that due to the city power grid technology developed is simple, low cost, high efficiency, large-scale use of solar independent power system is not appropriate, but in the bus stop lights, traffic lights and other electricity needs of small city public facilities, can still be applied. It seems that this new energy generation system is not difficult to use.

The solar independent power generation system plays a greater role in the vast rural areas. Generally, the voltage in rural areas is not stable. Many remote areas are short of electricity and less electricity. These areas have fewer shelter and abundant solar energy resources, and the advantages of photovoltaic independent power generation system can be brought into full play.

Environmental lights illuminate rural road Jiaozhou to open the first solar street lamp road

"There is no need to lay a wire, no manual duty, the day a black road lamp will automatically light up." In 15 days, leading to the western town of Jiaozhou city Hongkong Road West Road glue, engineer Yang Jinsheng pointed to a row of new street told reporters that this is Jiaozhou's first installation of solar streetlight intelligent road, the newly installed 64 streetlights in the convenience of the masses to travel at night at the same time, but also to promote energy-saving emission reduction and environmental protection.

The distance between the intelligent solar street lamps is about 60 meters, which can dynamically adjust the self power according to the traffic condition of pedestrians and vehicles. It can save more electricity and satisfy the normal work while ensuring the long time work of the system. At the same time, the solar intelligent street lamp also has the functions of remote control, automatic inspection and burglar alarm, avoiding uninterrupted equipment inspection and road inspection, and improving the efficiency of use.

"This lamp is more intelligent than the sound control lamp in the corridor. It will automatically light up from it at a certain distance, and there is a feeling of coming home." Luan Xichao, a citizen, said he often worked on the night shift. He had been in a dark night before. He was really nervous when he was riding a bike. The street lamps were much more practical. "Not only for good use, but also energy conservation and environmental protection, should be extended in a large range."

According to reports, intelligent solar street lamp is lighting according to the needs, at 12 in the evening, the pedestrians and vehicles are scarce, intelligent lamps will in a semi active state, when there are pedestrians and vehicles on automatically after, no one passes light corresponding to reduce the brightness, achieve the effect of energy saving; arrived at four or five in the morning, the street light activated again as normal light mode, extinguished until dawn, enter the storage stage, the battery life can be extended to 5 - 8 years, nearly 50% of the cost savings.

"Along with the continuous popularization of the concept of" green lighting ", road lighting should be inclined to new energy and new technology. Yang Jinsheng said, at present, the intelligent solar street lamp of Hongkong West Road has been checked and put into operation. The 236 intelligent street lamps of Gao Gao road and Zhi railway are being installed, and the next step will be popularized and used in other county and township roads as needed.




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